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Care of Your Wooden Bowl and Other Turned Items

Whether your turned wooden pieces are decorative or functional, proper care will ensure years of enjoyment.


The only cleaning that decorative pieces should require is dust removal or light wiping with a soft cloth.  I recommend a cloth made of 100% cotton, t-shirt material or a cloth diaper.


Before I review how to care for your piece, let’s go over what you should NEVER do.

Never submerse it in water

Never soak it in water

Never put it in the dishwasher

Never put it in the microwave or oven

Also do not leave it in your closed automobile for a prolonged time.  Direct sunlight can alter your piece’s color and potentially damage the finish.

 To clean a wooden bowl used for food, use a soft cloth (100% cotton) wet it in warm soapy water, wring the majority of water from the cloth and wipe out the bowl.  Rinse cloth and repeat until clean.  DO NOT let water set on the surface.  Dry the surface immediately with a clean dry cloth.  Bottlestoppers, flower arrangers, potpourri vessels and other pieces should be treated similarly when cleaning.  Key points:  Use as little water as possible and dry immediately.

My turned pieces have a variety of finishes.  Some of these are sprayed lacquer, Waterlox, 100% pure Tung Oil, Spar urethane, wipe-on poly, various other polishes, and carnuba wax.  All of these are food safe once the finish is cured (about 30 days from application of finish).

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